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1 Season 2 Episode

I To Die, You To Live

General information

Episode TitleI To Die, You To Live
Air date2016-04-26


Containment 1×2

Synopsis of Containment 1×2

While Lex attempts to maintain control outside the cordon, he learns that a young woman, who had close contact with an infected patient, is unaccounted for. With limited resources available, Lex is forced to enlist help from Jake, whose growing resentment towards Lex for getting him trapped inside is causing him to spiral. Elsewhere, Katie attempts to keep it together as she keeps a watchful eye over her students, while Teresa is devastated to learn that her friends may have been exposed to the virus. Finally, Jana, who has learned that her best friend Suzy is also trapped inside the cordon, rations out their limited food as they wait out the 48-hour quarantine.



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Computer & Mobile


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